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My “Raw Food Preparation Classes” are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and exposure on how to achieve immense healing and health transformations through delicious Raw Foods. These classes are open to anyone who is seeking optimal health or interested in diving into Raw Cuisine.

My aim is to transform Raw Food from simply a ‘diet’ into a truly gastronomic experience. I believe Raw Food shouldn’t be ‘bore food’- it should be delicious, innovative and fun. I’ve mixed complimentary and contrasting flavours, textures and colours to create mouth-watering dishes and recipes that would be at home on any contemporary restaurant menu. And I want to share them with you!

The classes are quite expansive in that they cover many topics that are essential to successful healing. I provide protocols on various types of raw food healing philosophies ranging from “low fat raw vegan” to “high green and sprouts”. I also cover many critical topics such as how to overcome social, physical, and emotional pitfalls from detoxification and lifestyle while addressing the current misinformation and controversies. This education is crucial for anyone who wishes to achieve the ultimate levels of health results. Plus you get bonus handouts to take home too with all the recipes made on the day and more!

If you are interesting in first learning a few fundamentals about Raw Food. Go ahead and get this guide below.

The incredible benefits of Raw Food are becoming more widely recognized by dieticians, doctors and health professionals. Now you can see the benefits for yourself, with our Raw Food Preparation Classes. Click Here to see some people who have healed their chronic diseases through moving into a raw food lifestyle.

​Whatever stage you are at on your journey our classes will truly enlighten and inspire you to make positive choices about the type of food that you put into your body. We have experienced the benefits of this change ourselves and want to pass them on.

Basic Classes

  • 1. Raw Food For Beginners
  • 2. Eating Raw Foods on a Budget
  • 3. Raw Chef Program
  • 4. Desserts and Pastry Arts Program
  • 5.Raw Food for Kids

Gourmet Classes:

  • 1. Raw Italy
  • 2. Raw Asian Fusion
  • 3. All American Comfort Foods
  • 4. Raw Latin American Fiesta
  • 5. Raw Middle Eastern Cuisine

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